Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This Is An Attempt of Me Being My Own Model

No explanation, just pictures.

These are copy-writed images of which I own the all the rights to.
Don't mess with copy write.

And a Splash of Ugh!

Best friends are your best friends for a reason.

And this is my best friend Austen.

To start off my lovely escapade of trying new things, I have gotten hooked into the world of special effects makeup (SFX)! And just a disclaimer, I am not the best or good in any sort. Don't use my first try at this to analyze the sfx community. It is a ton of fun though, and I am looking to practice. There are a ton of Youtubers out there with tutorials that are better than me (for now :). If you are looking for inspiration you should check out ElliMacs, their creations are flawless and amazingly creepy. 

Here for ElliMacs youtube channel: